Introducing xPath – a new way for travelers to connect and LOCAL businesses to advertise…

Our app is a great, free tool specifically designed for travelers/ visitors  to explore the local community. The app populates ONLY uniquely local, small businesses. Once users “ping” out their location, a variety of businesses catered for tourism will populate. This could include restaurants, hotels, coffee shops, hostels, rentals, guided experiences, etc. Encouraging tourists to feed into the local market rather than franchises or big businesses.

We are now ready to start signing up both individual users as well as businesses that want to give this new connection tool a try. To apply as a business the cost is $29.97 CAD monthly, which makes it very affordable for businesses reaching demographic in which they would have never been able to with Google searches or Facebook marketing. This also creates an opportunity to give back! 20% of the profits will be donated to the businesses local/ regional Food Bank.

Interested? Sign-up today. Here’s how…

Fill out and submit the form below. Please note that partners MUST be local, franchises excluded, to apply otherwise they will be denied if certain requirements are not met.


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