Introducing xPath – a new way for travellers to connect and LOCAL businesses to advertise…

Our app is a great, free tool specifically designed for travellers that may “cross paths” with other travellers and may want to re-connect when they do. This applies to a broad range of interests such as those who are seeking Mr. or Ms. Right, those who travel extensively or just people looking to catch up with friends while on vacation or at a conference. We use each a person’s location and then notify (match) matches them based on their proximity to each other.

Of course, each user has complete control about what information is shared at all times. The xPath app can be turned on will then give discrete notifications to the user to inform them that someone they have previously “crossed paths” with is now within whatever proximity (range) they’ve selected on their profile.

This creates opportunities for users to reconnect with friends they met elsewhere, to share new experiences, or just to hang out. This also creates business opportunities for local businesses to be xPath Certified and to advertise on the app as places that these people may want to patronize. This could include restaurants, hotels, coffee shops, hostels, rentals, guided experiences, etc.

We are now ready to start signing up both individual users as well as businesses that want to give this new connection tool a try. This is a no cost trial!

Examples: for Restaurants – we will include a pin-drop with a photo and a clear description of the restaurant with menu and specials. A link to your website will allow reservations to be made easily. For Hostels/Hotels – again, a pin drop, along with a photo of a typical room or your lobby and a description of your facilities describing your unique offers. Of course, we will include a link to your website for easy booking.

We are offering local businesses a no-obligation, free, 1-month trial. After one month xPath will provide you with a report showing how many users “crossedpaths” at or near your location and give you the option to become one of our premium, paid business partners.

Interested? Sign-up today for your no-obligation and free trial. Here’s how…

Fill out and submit the form below. Please note that partners MUST be local businesses to support the local community and promote the culture of that specific town, city or travel destination.


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