1. So Nice to Meet You!

    Hey! So glad to see you! You've stumbled upon us, and we're pretty darn happy that you have. We have started this website to bring together people from all over the world. Our common thread? A love of travel, exploring and adventures (though it also helps if you like making friends along the way). T…Read More

  2. again & again & again

      I am a world traveler, yogi and musician. I became a nomad with a guitar and a yoga mat, lost and looking for home. Through these journeys I have found my path and walked astray so many times, but every time I wander, I find something worth getting lost for. One of my recurring thoughts is; what …Read More

  3. Feed The Fish

    I mean, I did choose this. This isn't some sort of surprise. I love this, but I can't wait to get back to the beach. It was after dark when our plane landed and the three of us had no idea what was coming, well who does really. I mean with a little bit of research you could prepare yourself; books, …Read More

  4. Small Town Girl Meets Smaller Town Boy

    Travelling gifts you with one of life’s greatest connections of friendship and love. Friendships that last one moment, one day, one night, one adventure, one lifetime, every person that has come into your life is a connection that has made you who you are. Sometimes without even realizing it, ther…Read More

  5. taking a leap.

    During my second semester of college at the University of Oklahoma, I made a decision that has since changed my life for the better. I decided to take a leap of faith (a huge leap of faith) and commit to studying abroad in Seville, Spain, for my second semester of junior year. I wanted to go to impr…Read More

  6. World Wanderer

    In 2011, I took a 6 month backpacking trip with my partner Ryan. We started in Iceland and spent 3 months backpacking through Europe, before heading to SE Asia, Australia and New Zealand for the next 3 months. Halfway through our trip, at the end of our time in Europe, we did an island hopping Conti…Read More