xPath is a passion project that arose from a desire to connect and grow on our travel adventures. We hope you take the time to truly explore the region around you and support the local businesses. Finally, we have a platform that will help you do all the above.

Megan Rudneski’s passion for travel was awakened years ago from her curiosity about other cultures, languages, and locations. After high school, she moved to Europe to explore the rich history within, but found herself coming across the same people. With such serendipitous meetings, she was reminded that it is a small world after all.

What if there was a way to connect these strangers who keep coincidentally meeting? What if they could connect and be alerted upon their second time in the same vicinity? We discovered that we could give the travellers of the world this ability. As a result, xPath was born. We believe that, when you’re meant to meet someone, it will happen again and again. Allow us to be the vehicle for that connection.

Download xPath today to begin your adventure.