I am a world traveler, yogi and musician.

I became a nomad with a guitar and a yoga mat, lost and looking for home. Through these journeys I have found my path and walked astray so many times, but every time I wander, I find something worth getting lost for. One of my recurring thoughts is; what sets you apart from the many others that have traveled? I remind myself that our adventures might be the same, but our values and experiences differ completely. One of my biggest learnings is that you’re always at the right place at the right time, even when it’s bad timing.

I was brought into this world 26 years ago as an only child raised by a single mother in a big family. My cousins were my siblings and my Uncles and Aunts always took me in as their own. I remember a life of frozen dinners and being my mom’s biggest fan. I was raised independent and driven. Growing up, “small” was the only community I knew. Sherwood Park was a hamlet that began as Edmonton’s bedroom community where there was maybe a few convenience stores and a tiny strip mall. What was once a population of 30,000 people before my departure has now expanded to 75,000 to date. Naturally, I began first job at a bakery at fourteen years old. I wish I knew that working at an early age taught me the value of a dollar and how far it didn’t go.

I remember a specific day at work, packaging cookies, I looked up from behind the counter and saw a black family that communicated in a language I wish I understood. Where did you come from? I was curious about their story and I felt envious they came from a culture I wanted to explore. I knew this, and it became my life’s purpose to travel.

Shortly after my soul’s discovery I graduated high school and quit my job with enough money in my bank account for one months food and accommodation at my first destination. I packed my backpack and told my family I would be back in 5 months.
I never moved back.

My first journey was to Rome, Italy and this required me to get out of the box of everything I knew. Before I knew it I felt the most grounded when I was uprooted. I became someone so afraid of committing something in fear of missing adventure and meeting someone amazing. I traveled down from Denmark to Italy and met the same person 3 times. I realized that as big as this world is, it can be so small. In India I came across the same person not once, but twice and from that point on I knew that when your meant to meet it will happen again and again.